What to do if you need services

First, start by taking a deep breath. You are not alone! The Millis Ecumenical Food Pantry was established and is maintained by your Millis neighbors to help in times like these!

Here are answers to some questions you might have:

The Millis Ecumenical Food Pantry is located on the bottom floor of the Church of Christ at 142 Exchange Street in Millis. As you come in the door to the church closest to the parking lot, turn left and go down a flight of stairs, through the white door and left through a storage area. There is a large outer room with shelves of “freebie” items and, on Saturdays, tables of fresh bread. Through the adjoining door, a worker will check you in and help you shop through the shelves of food.

Simply walk into the Food Pantry anytime it is open (1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 10-12noon, every Saturday from 10-12noon) and ask to be registered as a client. You will need something to show proof that you are a Millis resident. This could be a Driver’s License, or even a bill that is mailed to you and shows your address. Once you are registered, you can get food the same day.

The Pantry is open from 10 to noon every Saturday, and the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. The Church of Christ is generous to the Pantry, allowing us to use their space. The Church does ask that clients do not go down to the Pantry until the volunteers have arrived. It is best not to arrive before 10:00am because you will not have access to  the building. It is important that everyone involved in the Millis Food Pantry respect the Church’s request on this matter.

You can shop at the Food Pantry every two weeks. The minimum amount of time between visits is two weeks, but you decide if you need to come less often, based on your family’s circumstances and needs.

Our goal is to provide a solid 3 days of food per person. The actual amount of food you can get each visit is based on your family size. For instance, a family of 3 can get 2 boxes of cereal, 4 cans of vegetables and so on, with amounts varying by the number of people in your family. Everyone gets a pound of butter and a packet of hot dogs at each visit. The variety of food and brands is determined by what we get in donations.

We try to make the  holidays a special time for food pantry clients.  In the past we have been able to provide Easter hams, Thanksgiving turkeys, and some special items for Christmas. If you have questions, check with a Millis Food Pantry volunteer or look for announcements on this website.

Other questions? Contact us at
Please be patient as you wait for a volunteer reply. We try very hard to be prompt!